Block B’s P.O Says His Future Girlfriend’s Nickname Will Be “Big Toad”

P.O’s future girlfriend is going to love his sense of humor.

Block B‘s P.O will be appearing on KBS’s Matching Survival 1+1 where he shows off his very unique character once more by revealing what he would call his future girlfriend.

In order to find their match, multiple men and women with attractive qualifications gather on the show and begin their fates with each other.

During the show, the contestants of the show were matched up by asking the question, “What nickname do you want to address your significant other by?

At that moment, P.O exclaimed, “I want to call my future girlfriend ‘Big Toad’!” and made everyone burst into laughter.

Sure, P.O has always been known for having unique taste, but it’s hard not to wonder how he manages to keep surprising his fans with his unpredictable personality.

The episode of Matching Survival 1+1 is airing today on KBS.

Source: Dispatch

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