Block B’s Zico Reveals Which Women Are His Ideal Type

It has been a few months since Zico’s last public relationship, but in a rare confession, the rapper and producer talked about his ideal type of woman. 

On January 5th, Zico appeared as a guest on KBS Happy Together 3 where he was asked about his ideal type. Without any hesitation, he responded that he liked women with a glamorous figure.

According to Zico, “I like healthy women, somewhat like a personal health trainer. Sometimes, when I browse through Instagram, there are a lot of photos of very fit people and I like looking at it. Although I’m very careful to not accidentally ‘heart’ them.” 

Examples of Zico's ideal type
Examples of Zico’s ideal type

While the confession initially garnered a few negative comments following his public break-up with AOA’s Seolhyun last year, Zico has also been praised by some fans for his candor. The couple dated briefly last year before ending due to personal reasons.

Source: Dispatch and MyDaily