This Female Idol Is Getting All the Attention for Looking the Prettiest She’s Ever Looked in Blonde Hair

She made a legendary transformation from brunette to blonde.

Oh My Girl recently made their comeback with the summer song, “BUNGEE”, and Jiho drew particular attention with her new visuals.

For the first time since her debut, Jiho flaunted gorgeous blonde locks that made her look absolutely beautiful in the freshest way.

Jiho also recently updated her fans with photos on Oh My Girl’s official Instagram account, and the colors she showed off along with her blond hair made her look like an adorable human peach.

Many have agreed that Jiho’s new hair color goes well with her vibrant image, and fans are showering her with nothing but praise for making such an amazing transformation.

Sure, Jiho has always looked stunning, but the consensus within online communities is that with her new blonde hair, she’s never looked better.


Source: Insight