BoA Celebrates Her 20th Year Debut Anniversary With A Special Interview With Allure Magazine

Congrats to BoA!

Singer BoA held a special photo shoot and interview with Allure Korea to celebrate her 20th year anniversary since debut. From 2000 to 2020, BoA has been constantly on the move as an artist as she claims that she still dances because it’s fun. “I still dance because it’s fun.”

| Allure Korea

When did you first realize that this month was your 20th anniversary since debut?

I knew since the year turned to 2020. I thought to myself, “I debuted in 2000 and it’s already 2020…”

What did you do on August 24, 2020, the day before your official debut?

I don’t remember exactly but I was probably practicing for my first performance.

| Allure Korea

It’s not easy to do go down one path for twenty years. What message would you give yourself for doing that?

“You did well and I’m proud of you.” It might look easy to have gone down this path for twenty years without any major incidents, but it wasn’t easy. Don’t I have the right to have the title of director? (laughs) Time has flown by really fast and it was a fun journey.

It’s nice to see that you had fun. Does that mean you had fun the past twenty years?

It was really fun. To be able to be loved for doing something that you love to do…I must have saved a country in my past life.

| Allure Korea

Is there anyone in particular that you would like to receive a congratulations message from?

Lee Soo Man. Aren’t I really loyal? I stayed with this company for 22 years so I’d like to receive a congrats from him.

Are you sometimes curious as to what the public thinks about you?

Scared? Hard? I hear things like that a lot. But I don’t focus my time on wondering what people think about me. I am just me. The perspective in which people see me doesn’t change often. For those that meet me in person say that I am personable.

| Allure Korea

What do your fans mean to you?

They are like my friends. My fans don’t see me as an idol and just see me as a person who lives life just like them. We are very comfortable with each other.

What kind of music do you want to release this year?

Just whatever I want to do. Not just because it’s my 20th anniversary but even if it’s my 20th anniversary I want to do music that I like. I think this is important. But of course this anniversary album will have to have some great songs in it, although I will do what I want. I can’t wait do dance. I haven’t danced in so long.

| Allure Korea

You will reach your 30th anniversary sometime in the future. What do you want to do then?

I want to do something that fits my age then. I think there will be something for me when I reach that age. The next ten years will bring me to my 30th anniversary right? Please be with me then too.

Congratulations to BoA for gifting us with music and passion for the past twenty years!