BoA Reveals Her Beauty Rules For Looking Flawless All The Time

BoA’s beauty routine is something we can all do:

From the little joys in life to which of her songs are her favorite and even her beauty secrets, legendary soloist BoA revealed all in a recent keyword interview with Allure Korea for her 20th anniversary.

Well-known for having perfect skin, a radiant complexion, and absolutely flawless beauty, Allure couldn’t resist asking BoA if she had a particular beauty routine she follows to look so amazing all the time. The answer? Yes…and no.

| @boakwon/Instagram

BoA doesn’t follow one particular routine but she always makes sure to get enough of two things in her life. Although it may be tempting to stay up late, BoA’s first rule: get enough sleep. BoA revealed that she always makes sure she gets enough sleep every single night.

As for her second rule: keep hydrated. Hydration is key and BoA revealed that she not only loves drinking water but also makes sure to drink plenty of it.

In fact, knowing just how important staying hydrated is, BoA even revealed that whenever anyone asks how she takes care of her body she always responds, “I say I drink lots of water.

BoA didn’t just dish on her beauty rules, she dished on all kinds of topics in her in-depth interview with Allure as well as in her keyword Q&A so make sure to check them out!