BoA Reveals How She Thinks Her Legendary Career Would Have Gone Had She Debuted Today…And Her Answer Is Quite Shocking

A very shocking answer.

BoA is known as a K-Pop icon due to her massive success in Japan and being able to bring the K-Pop genre into the Japanese music industry.

On an episode of Because I want To Talk, BoA looked back on some aspects of her career, as well as current trends to Lee Dong Wook and Jang Do Yeon. The genre of K-Pop is much more worldwide now compared to when BoA debuted in 2000, so she sometimes questions what her career would have looked like if she had debuted now.

BoA gives quite a shocking answer, that she thinks she wouldn’t have been very successful had she had debuted now.

BoA thinks that she was able to become successful back then because she was new and that a person like herself was wanted at those times.

After around 20 years since her debut, BoA just wants to maintain herself as an artist, and as a person that people want.