BoA Shared Her Thoughts About What Her Future 30th Anniversary Will Be Like

With her 20th coming up, she dished on what she thinks future anniversaries will be like:

With BoA‘s 20th anniversary coming up on August 25, everyone wants to know the queen of K-Pop’s thoughts on the major milestone, as well, as future celebrations too!

| @boakwon/Instagram

In a recent keyword Q&A interview with Allure Korea, BoA dove into several different topics including her future 30th anniversary. Although it’s a decade away, BoA already knows that it would be much the same as now. She explained, “I think it would be the same. There would be physical changes since I would be older but, like always, I’d be peaceful and comfortable?

Despite knowing there will be some changes, BoA is absolutely certain that her passion for music and what she does will not. Commenting on her love for music and her past 10-year anniversary BoA said, “But I don’t think my passion for music is going to change. When it was my 10-year anniversary I didn’t expect my 20th to come this quickly. Time passes more quickly than I could imagine.

Summing up her thoughts on her future 30th anniversary, BoA had one more thing to say.

So when it’s my 30-year anniversary, I’d be like, ‘It’s already the 30th anniversary!’

— BoA

With her passion for music and love for what she does, here’s to BoA’s upcoming 20th anniversary on August 25, her future 30-year anniversary, and many more to come!