Boys24 Unit White Under Fire For Plagiarizing B.A.P

Boys24‘s sub-unit, Unit White, has been accused of plagiarizing B.A.P‘s unique greeting, so B.A.P fans have requested for an official response.

Boys24’s Unit White is has been accused of adopting the same greeting as B.A.P, where the members shout “Yes sir!” and salute the audience.

Many Unit White fans argued that idol groups may coincidentally have similar greeting styles. In response, fans have argued that B.A.P were indeed the first group to have come up with such a greeting, and explained that no other group after them had a greeting that was similar in the slightest.

B.A.P’s greeting:

Unit White’s greeting:

Fans noted that the similarity of the salute not only used the same phrase, but also the same gestures as B.A.P’s greeting.

Both groups give a salute and exclaim “Yes sir!” as their greeting.

In the first episode of B.A.P’s reality show, Ta-Dah It’s B.A.P, the members of the group can be seen brainstorming how to establish their image by coming up with a memorable and unique greeting that reflected the group’s concept.

Leader Bang Yong Guk came up with the “Yes sir!” greeting, to which all members expressed their satisfaction and agreed to make it theirs.

Soon, their greeting became so memorable that almost everyone began associating “Yes sir!” with B.A.P, and it had become the group’s symbol. Furthermore, the group even released a song titled “YES SIR,” proving how important their greeting had become to the group.

An idol group’s greeting is crucial in establishing the group’s image, as it serves as a representation of their group, and establishes their presence to the public.

In response, Unit White immediately changed their greeting style, showing that the group didn’t intentionally plagiarize B.A.P’s greeting and that it was an honest mistake.

B.A.P fans are requesting Unit White’s agency provide an official statement regarding the incident at hand.