THE BOYZ Hwall Has Fans In Awe At His Unique Fashion Choices

He always stands out no matter where he goes.

THE BOYZ‘s Hwall has fans doing double takes at his unique outfits.

Hwall has been known to make original and unique fashion choices that set him apart from the other members. Here he is wearing a black fur coat while all the other members wear padded jackets.

He has been seen wearing custom-made pieces and wearing clothes that are both mature and playful.

He was even seen wearing a custom tiger fur coat (though the coat is presumed to be faux).

Hwall was even asked about his fashion sense during a fan sign event!

Fan: Hyunjoon (t/n: Hwall’s real name), your hyungs seem to be having a difficult time because of your “Hwall Fashion” these days. What do you think?

Hwall: “I’m gonna do my own thing!”

Many adore how unique he dresses and how he knows what pieces look good on him. Many love his style and continue to support him and his fashion venture.