THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Opens Up On His Biggest Strengths And Weaknesses

“I know very well the things I lack.”

THE BOYZ‘s Sunwoo, Juyeon, and Hyunjae recently sat down for an interview with Arena Homme Plus! In Sunwoo’s individual interview, he discussed his biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Sunwoo (left), Juyeon (middle), Hyunjae (right) | Arena Homme Plus

Fans are well aware that Sunwoo is full of amazing skills and great confidence. According to Sunwoo, having great confidence is to recognize the parts you lack.

Q: Where does your clear self-confidence come from?

I know very well the things I lack. I don’t coddle or glorify myself. I have more confidence because I know my shortcomings, where I lack musically, and the things I need to make up for.

— Sunwoo

As for Sunwoo’s biggest strength, fans could point to several traits of his; however, Sunwoo shared he points out one feature as his greatest strength.

Q: What are your strengths?

Being able to convey my thoughts convincingly. I know what’s cool and how to do things so they look cool. I don’t know everything and expressing it well is the real homework, but all you have to do is solve it. Am I boasting too much right now?

— Sunwoo

We want to hear more. What do you consider cool?

Something that doesn’t have to be forced. There are people how brag in attempts to cover up their weaknesses. I think it’s cooler to say, ‘I’m just this way’ and believe that’s cool. Of course, you can’t cross lines. My weakness is not knowing exactly where that line is. You see, I grew up under a dad who was cool and like a friend to me.

— Sunwoo

Source: @WE_THE_BOYZ, Arena Homme Plus and @SUNWOOGASM