THE BOYZ Younghoon Unleashed His Inner ARMY When He Spotted A BTS Standee

Younghoon ignored everything else once he spotted it:

When presented with the opportunity to snap some selcas with a giant BTS standee, THE BOYZ‘s Younghoon simply couldn’t pass it up, even if it meant ignoring his own group’s poster!


In a recent episode of MISSION THE BOYZ in BUSAN, Kevin, Sunwoo, and Younghoon teamed up to explore the city together. As they walked around and took in the sites, they just so happened to pass by a music store. This particular music store, as Kevin soon realized, had their very own poster on display outside!

Spotting the “DREAMLIKE” poster, Kevin and Sunwoo’s immediate reaction was to head directly for their poster and snap plenty of selcas with the awesome find.


Younghoon, on the other hand, had spotted something completely different in front of the music shop — a giant BTS standee! As his members were snapping their own photos, Younghoon made a beeline directly for the standee and positioning himself right next to his bias V, Younghoon began his own ARMY photo session!


This isn’t the first time that Younghoon has unleashed his inner ARMY, but fans can’t help but melt over this latest one!


Check out Younghoon’s adorable ARMY moment in the video below: