Brown Eyed Girls Discuss Rumor About Miryo Quitting, Share Their Thoughts On How It Started

They’ve been together for fourteen years without changing members.

Brown Eyed Girls clarified Miryo‘s quitting rumor on an episode of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros that was broadcast on October 26, Narsha, JeA, Miryo, and Gain appeared as transfer students.

According to the group, who have been together for fourteen years without changing any members, said: “There was no member withdrawal or replacement, but there was a ‘Miryo’s quitting rumor’.  Miryo’s self remained unchanged, but her face changed quite a bit which led to a quitting rumor.

Although this isn’t a new rumor as it first occurred in 2015, around the release of their fifth album,  they probably felt the need to rehash the rumor as they are gearing up for their first comeback in four years.


Source: kstyle