Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain Admits She Once Suffered from Mysophobia

Gain confessed that she couldn’t use the same washroom as other people.

Ahead of their comeback, Brown Eyed Girls appeared on JTBC’s Knowing Bros where Gain explained why she had her own room with its own washroom back when they lived in a dorm together.

Miryo explained that there were 3 rooms and 4 members and that since she lost rock-paper-scissors, she ended up using the living room while Gain used the biggest room that even had its own washroom.

And in response, Gain confessed that she used to suffer from Mysophobia back then.

I’m okay now, but back then, I had serious mysophobia. I couldn’t use a washroom with other people. When I told that to my fellow members, they tried to be accomodating by giving me a separate room.

– Gain

Gain also expressed her gratitude for her fellow members for taking such good care of her.

In other groups, the youngest usually helps their older members, but in our case, my fellow members took really good care of me. They were great “unnies” to me. When I was a trainee, they practically raised me.

– Gain

It’s relieving to hear Gain doesn’t suffer from Mysophobia anymore, but it’s also heartwarming that the “Unnies” of Brown Eyed Girls took such good care of their youngest.

Check out the full confession below:

Source: Dispatch