BTOB Changsub Gets Rejected By Melodies Repeatedly

Some fans will do almost anything for physical contact, however, some Melodies don’t want to take the opportunity to shake hands with BTOB’s Lee Changsub!

Recently, BTOB has had several fan signing events to promote the release of their 9th mini album, New Men. During these events, fans seem to make fun of Lee Changsub by refusing to shake his hand on multiple occasions.

However, being in a group popularly known for having a great sense of humor, Changsub didn’t let that rejection go. When he recognized the same girl who refused his handshake from their previous fan meeting, he gave her a cute deadly glare.

When he thought everything was over, another fan refused his handshake on their next fan signing event.

Just how far will this war between Changsub and handshakes go? Hopefully there are other Melodies out that want to shake Changsub’s hand.