BTOB praised after their kindness to Apink was caught on camera

The members of BTOB once again prove that they’re class acts with a touching gesture to girl group ApinkDuring the second half of 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun, the members of BTOB had removed their jackets while sitting down to watch the remaining performances. But rather than just taking the jackets off for comfort, it was revealed that BTOB had given their jackets to the members of Apink, who were seated right in the row ahead.

Fans have praised BTOB for being so considerate and caring towards Apink, as the girls were not given blankets to cover their legs while they sat down. The members of BTOB and Apink are known to be quite close, with the two having shared hilarious moments together in the past.

BTOB cheering on Apink during the show.

Sungjae takes off his jacket after noticing Apink’s predicament
Naeun sitting with a jacket covering her legs
Apink sitting down with BTOB's jackets on their laps
Apink sitting down with BTOB’s jackets on their laps