BTOB Sungjae’s Ideal Type Is So Unique They Aren’t Even Human

He always keeps everyone guessing 😂

While BTOB‘s Sungjae named Suzy as his ideal type among K-Pop idols in the past, he recently revealed his new ideal type that was quite unusual. In fact, they weren’t even human.

Sungjae | @yook_can_do_it/Instagram

When checking out his Namuwiki page, it said Sungjae had “mentioned someone who looks like himself as his ideal type.” He revealed his updated answer that fits perfectly with his unusual personality.

Sungjae didn’t name an idol that was close to his ideal type or a few traits he looked for. Instead, he chose his precious pet. Sungjae said, “These days, I think my cat Sami.

He had a reason for the unique choice as well. Making the members laugh, Sungjae explained, “If she could be a human, I think she’d be my ideal type of woman.

While it may seem rather unusual at first, it makes sense when considering that every animal has a unique personality and habits. Sungjae adores Sami so much that he knew she’d be just as lovable as a human.

Sungjae and his cat Sami. | @yook_can_do_it/Instagram

Watch Sungjae think outside of the box for his ideal type.