BTOB’s Peniel Shares His Thoughts On Sasaeng Fans

Peniel gave a very honest response to a question regarding fans going too far.

In a Q&A video posted on Peniel’s official Youtube channel last week, a fan asked the question;  “At what rate would you say “that’s enough” when fans follow you?

His response has been highly praised. “When we don’t have schedules, I don’t like it when fans follow me around at all.”  He went on to say that if fans met him by chance, he wouldn’t mind talking and taking a photo with them at all, but continued by saying,  “Once you guys start following me around, that I don’t really like at all.”

On the other hand, he also spoke about fans following BTOB as a whole during their schedules. “As long as you guys keep your boundaries, you know, you guys don’t cross the line, that’s perfectly fine.

However, Peniel explained how this isn’t always the case and how fans can go way too far. “There are some incidents where certain melodies will get too excited and they’ll like run into the street, or they’ll like come and they’ll like start knocking on our window and stuff. Well, first of all that’s very dangerous, I don’t wanna see anyone get hurt. Second, I feel like it’s a little disrespectful, you know, not just to us, but to other melodies as well.

He finished answering the question by reinforcing his earlier statement that as long as his fans keep their boundaries, that it’s perfectly fine for them to follow the group around.

His mature and honest response has been praised by fans and netizens alike, who say that Peniel has once again shown how professional he is.

Check out the full video of the Q&A!