BTS Share What It Was Like Performing Without ARMY In Front Of Them

It wasn’t easy for the members.

Due to COVID-19, K-Pop artists have to perform with no fans physically in attendance. In a recent interview with Dumbfoundead, BTS spoke briefly on what it’s like performing without a crowd.

You guys just had a huge performance at the Billboard Music Awards, and the performance was amazing. But, is that kind of tough, to have that energy while there is no crowd present?

— Dumbfoundead

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

V shared that it definitely isn’t easy performing without ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) in attendance. However, the members always try to make their performances fun and full of energy for the sake of ARMYs.

It wasn’t easy, as you said, but we thought about all the ARMY who would be watching the performance and footage, so we tried to keep it fun and keep up the energy.

— V

| Amazon Music/YouTube

RM then added that they tried their best to make it seem as if ARMYs were with them during their performances, such as adding crowd noises.

We tried to put some actual live noise, ambiance, to have these feelings like we’re actually at a live performance. We tried like Skype, put the cameras up on the screen, and communicate. That’s all we could do.

— RM

| Amazon Music/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!