BTS Are The Biggest Supporters Of “Seesaw” And Here’s Proof

They’re always hype when it comes on.

BTS debuted in 2013, so they have numerous songs and albums. But, there’s one song that they always enjoy. That song is Suga‘s solo “Seesaw”.

When Suga practiced the song for their tour, all the members couldn’t stop themselves from jamming out to it. Jungkook held his arms out, like in the choreography, and moved to the beat.

Jin bobbed his head and then moved his shoulders.

But, V was the most excited of all. He headed straight on stage and became one of Suga’s backup dancers.

The caption of the clip deemed BTS enthusiasts of the song, and it was spot on.

BTS even jammed to the song on a live broadcast. And, V was so into it that not only was he the first to dance but he’d hit J-Hope with his swinging arm.

“Seesaw” is definitely one of their favorite songs, if not their favorite. Check out the full clip of them dancing to see if you agree.