BTS Chooses A Birthday Present For A 7-Year-Old ARMY

What do kids today like?

Are you wondering what kind of gifts to give the tiny ARMYs in your life? BTS has some suggestions!

BTS | HYBE/Facebook

Recently, 200 ARMYs joined BTS for an exclusive Zoom call, where the members answered questions, and more. During one part of this four-part session, a fan asked what a good birthday present would be for their 7-year-old son.

Although 50 ARMYs were present, J-Hope spotted the boy right away and pointed him out on the screen.

The members, who haven’t been the child’s age for a very long time, debated about what the hottest topic is for kids these days. “Isn’t it Tobot now?” RM asked, referring to a cartoon show about transforming vehicles, similar to Transformers. 

According to Jin, RM’s suggestion was outdated since Tobot began airing in the early 2010s. Suga‘s suggestion, Larva, a cartoon about slugs, was even older. Rather than getting closer to the mark, BTS was getting further away!

V followed up Suga’s recommendation with Bernard, a TV show about animated animals that aired way back in 2006. That was 15 years ago!

Although kids would probably love RM’s second suggestion, an iPad, there’s one timeless gift that never fails: cold hard cash! “Cash is the best,” Jin said, and he would know. In the past, Jin has happily received cash presents from relatives and used them to buy items for MapleStory


Happy Birthday, little ARMY!


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