Old Comments BTS Received On Their Debut Date Proves Just How Hard They Worked To Succeed

No one believed they would succeed.

On the same day that BTS debuted with “2 Cool 4 Skool”, one reporter sat down to interview the members on their career goals and dreams. The members named BIGBANG as their role models as they were the biggest boy group at the time.


RM vowed that they will work hard to survive the highly competitive industry so that they can become artists who are beloved by the public.

“They say it’s very hard for rookie artists to survive these days, but we’re definitely going to survive and become artists who are beloved by the public.”

— RM


Contrary to their hopes, netizens had flooded the article with malicious comments about the group. They jeered at their names while belittling their hopes and dreams.


But that didn’t stop them. BTS ground their axes and fought their way amongst the haters to win their 1st music show win in 2015.


Since then, BTS has only beaten their own achievements with each passing year. In 2016, they won their first daesang at a major music awards ceremony.


And became the first K-Pop group to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017 – only the beginning of their multiple wins!


Fast forward to 2019, where the group nears their 6th anniversary. BTS has gone on to prove every single one of their haters wrong and truly became artists that are not only beloved by the public but by the world!

Source: Star News