BTS Drops “Answer: BTS 3 UNITS” Videos To Continue The Celebration Of 2020 FESTA

Let the festivities continue!

As part of BTS‘s 2020 FESTA, they dropped three new videos with interviews from three different unit groups including RM and Suga with “Respect”, Jin, Jungkook and J-Hope with “Jamais Vu”, and V and Jimin with “Friends.” These videos gave a bit more insight into the creation process of how the songs were created, which made it more fun for the listeners.

In the first video release, RM and Suga touch base on how “Respect” didn’t come out as they had expected. When asked what their unit’s strength was, they felt that it was their long-time relationship as being the group’s longest members with the company. RM also felt that they were both the tortoise and the hare in that they are able to be both fast and slow with work and creating music.

This ‘3J’ unit group comes up with a fun unit group name of ‘Jan Jan Kook’ with Jungkook being the “oldest” member and Jin being the “maknae.” J-Hope gets to be the vocal of the unit group for this one. As for the unit group’s strengths, first and foremost, they have the most members. They also feel that because they have more members they are able to fill the stage more during performances.

V and Jimin, who are also known as the “95ers,” recently released a song together titled “Friends” that expresses their friendship. In terms of their group’s strength, they felt that they were the only group with the members being the same age. Jimin also felt that they performed with more of a relaxed atmosphere that showed off their bright and happy image.

Stay tuned for more content to be released for FESTA!