BTS Fans angry at Taemin after spotting him vaping around Jimin

Some of BTS Jimin’s fans are unhappy with his friendship with SHINee’s Taemin after recent photos of their meeting circulated the internet.

Photos of Jimin playing pool with Taemin were uploaded online.

But fans quickly noticed that Taemin was vaping around Jimin while playing pool.

Taemin has been known to smoke since years before.

To cut back on smoking on analog cigarettes, Taemin has opted on the new electronic cigarettes that use real tobacco and not liquids with added nicotine. 

Jimin’s fans are worried that Taemin’s habit may be a bad influence.

“If I were Jimin, I wouldn’t be friends with Taemin.”

“Taemin shouldn’t be smoking around Jimin.”

“I wish Jimin didn’t hang out in those places.”

On the other hand, other fans have a completely different view on the matter.

“Why does it matter if they smoke or not?”

“Jimin can do whatever he wants to do. He’s an adult.”

Either way, fans are both cautious for Jimin’s health and best interest.

Source: ReadyMadeIsDC Inside