BTS Is Formally Acknowledged For Making K-Pop Mainstream Globally

“They are not the first artists to open the door, but they are the mainstream.”

BTS is already widely known for bringing K-Pop to the mainstream market, and this was simply affirmed during the “20th World Knowledge Forum”. Entitled ‘K-Pop Seen From Global View’ the event was held in Seoul, South Korea on September 26.

Nielsen Music, the leading authority in tracking physical and digital music sales, spoke in the event. Global vice president Helena Kosinski praised BTS for their achievements.

I think BTS opened the door. They are not the first artists to open the door, but I think they are the mainstream.

She went on to say that they are loved by all generations and understandably so. BTS has paved the way for K-Pop by appearing on the Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, The Ellen Show, The Late Late Show With James Cordon, and so many more.

They appear on the most popular television shows in the United States. These are television shows that have millions of viewers, young people, as well as those in their 50s and 60s.

Finally, BTS was praised for being a good example to the future generations of idols.

I think that BTS makes K-Pop become mainstream trend on the global market, and they have created a good premise for other K-Pop groups.

Source: Naver