BTS Reveal How They Felt Ahead Of Their Freestyle Dance In The “Butter” Music Video

They made it look effortless!

BTS recently released the music video for their new song “Butter,” which quickly took the world by storm breaking records left, right, and center!

One of the many stand-out moments in the new music video is the freestyle choreography section in the elevator. During this scene, each of the members came up with their own choreography on-set.

During a recent behind the scenes video from the shooting, the members described how they felt when recording their part.

Even though he looked like a rockstar, RM voiced his apprehension ahead of filming that scene.

I’m not that good with freestyles, so I thought a lot about the dance moves.

— BTS’s RM


Suga was the next member to voice his worry about the scene, and, like RM, it stemmed from the lack of recent experience he has had with freestyling.

I haven’t done freestyle in a while. It’s hard, and freestyle shoots always make me nervous. They said they’ll edit it into bits, so I hope it’ll turn out nice.

— BTS’s Suga


Even the usually confident Jin explained that he initially found it awkward to do and admitted that he didn’t actually freestyle but used moves that didn’t make it into the video.


After the shoot, main dancer Jimin couldn’t help but praise his members for their dancing, even though many of them were extremely nervous ahead of the shoot.

The members all said that it’s difficult because they’re not used to freestyle, but I think they’re all good. I think the result will turn out to be fun.

— BTS’s Jimin


As expected, despite their worries, all the members looked effortlessly cool during their solo scenes! Make sure to watch the music video to see the finished results.