BTS’s Growth From Debut Until Now Can Be Seen Through Their Lyrics And It Will Make You Tear Up

BTS’s life biography can be read just by taking a look at their lyrics!

BTS is known to take part in the whole process of making their album from the lyrics to production. So it’s no surprise that the members’ stories and experiences can be directly seen through their music and words. If we take a look at their tracks from 2013 to now, you can read the entire journey of BTS and their thoughts and feelings they felt through each era.

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Road (2013)

I thought my worries will ease with the debut in front of my nose
I closed my eyes to the present that could not be altered
Reality was different, even when my peers tried to help me
I walked the lightless tunnels on my own

I thought I was alone but I’ve learned that we are seven
No longer barefoot, wearing shoes called Bangtan
We go on forward another step, newer than the last
Towards the fourth spring, we’ll greet in Seoul, woah

Would I have changed?
If I had chosen a different path
If I had stopped and looked back
Oh hey ya, hey ya
What will I get to see?
At the end of this road, where you would be standing
Oh hey ya, hey ya

Born Singer (2013)

(Suga) The very first stage, named as BTS
Remind the mind three years ago I had
Still I was a hick but
I became a pro, no more amateur
When I’m on stage rapping and dancing which I wanted so badly
I feel alive although it’s hard and tough
I can handle it cause you’re supporting me
I can stand the pain cause I can hear shouting my name

I’m in a boundary between idol and rapper
Still my notes are full of rhymes
I write down the lyrics between on and off stage
Do I look something different I used to be?
Damn shit I am still who I am
Something changed? Go tell them
Nothing changed. I’m still a rapper man
I still rap and sing as 3 years ago. I’m out

I’m a born singer just a bit late to confess ( I swear )
There’s a mirage right here always far from me ( Yes, it’s here )

I’m a born singer just a bit early to confess
Anyway I’m so happy I’m Good

Frankly I was afraid to prove the big mouth I’ve told
How to surprise the world with something else. I dunno
Maybe I’ll let you down
I was afraid of making my people down
But I straighten my shoulders and make my debut
The moment of silence, get my breath back
The people I’ve seen are now staring at me
Fancy TV stars are now below me
Uh it was a very fast time the only once play has started
It just took 3 minutes to show my 3 years
The fierce fought with mic
Though it’s a few seconds, I put everything in. I’m fuckin’ real
Hey you, what do you dream? Mine is a rapstar can’t you feel

Second Grade (2014)

Teachers didn’t give pressure last year
Saying that I’m just a rookie and that it’s okay
They sat me down and taught me how cold the world is
With a few subjects
Bias, negative comments, double standards, smack talk and disinterest
Teacher, do we have tests for this too?
If I get first place, will I be a successful artist?
That’s good too but I wanna do music
I’ll just do what I want for now so leave me alone

Moving On (2015)

Good things were always other people’s things
We were always hoarse from an uncertain future and worries
Seeing all the senior artists at the end of the year awards
Let’s not forget those things but put them away
This place smells like us
Let’s not forget this scent, wherever we are
We cried a lot and laughed a lot but it was so beautiful
Nonhyeon-dong, 3rd floor, thank you

Whalien 52 (2015)

Mom said the sea is blue
She said to let out your voice as far as you can
But what to I do? It’s so dark here and there are only different whales speaking entirely different words!
I just can’t hold it, ma! I want to say I love you
Alone, I look back at this music sheet that’s like a rotating song
This ocean is too deep
Still, I’m lucky
(No one besides me knows of these tears.)
I’m a whalien
Lonely lonely lonely whale
Lonely lonely lonely whale
Sing alone like this!
Will I ever shine so brightly like a remote island?Lonely lonely lonely whale
Like this, try calling once again
Until this song that doesn’t have a response
Reaches tomorrowNo more, no more baby
No more, no more
An endless signal will reach someday
Everywhere, even to the other side of the earth
No more, no more baby
No more, no more
Even the blind whales will be able to see me
Today I sing again

Young Forever (2016)

The curtain falls and I’m out of breath
I get mixed feelings as I breathe out
Did I make any mistakes today
How did the audience seem
I’m happy with who I’ve become
That I can make someone scream with joy
Still excited from the performance

I stand on the empty stage while holding onto an aftertaste that will not linger for long
While standing on this empty stage, I become afraid of this unpleasant emptiness
Within my suffocating feelings
On top of my life’s line
Without a reason, I forcibly act that I am fine
This isn’t the first time, I better get used to it
I try to hide it, but I can’t
When the heat of the show cools down
I leave the empty seats behind

Trying to comfort myself
I tell myself the world can’t be perfect
I start to let myself go
The thundering applause, I can’t own it forever
I tell myself, so shameless
Raise your voice higher
Even if the attention isn’t forever, I’ll keep singing
As today’s me, I want eternity
Forever, I want to be young

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Outro: Wings (2016)

You can call me stupid
Then I’ll just smile
I don’t wanna succeed
By doing things I don’t wanna do
I’m pushing myself
I believe in myself
My back hurting is for my wings to come out
I believe in you, even if things are bleak right now
The end will be great
Fly, fly up in the sky
Fly, fly get ’em up high
It’s the path you chose, dude don’t be scared
This is just the first flightTake me to the sky
If I can fly
If I can run away forever
If my wings could fly
Piercing through the air that’s getting heavier
Flying, flying
Higher than higher than
Higher than the sky
Flying, flying
With my reddened wings

You Never Walk Alone (2017)

This is the path I chose
And even if they say it’s fate
Because I created all of this
Even if they say it’s the price
I must pay for this life

Will you walk with me?
Will you fly with me?
To the edge of the sky
So I can touch your hand
Even if it hurts like this
If you and I are together
I can smile

Ayy I never walk alone
I can feel the warmth in your hand that I’m holding
Ayy you never walk alone
Feel me, you’re not alone either

Sea (2017)

I thought this was the ocean but it’s a desert
A medium-sized, ordinary idol was my second name
Countless people get cut from broadcast
But someone’s empty spot is our dream
They say some of these kids can’t make it cuz their agency is too small
I know, I know, I know too
Times when the seven of us had to sleep in one room
With foolish hope that tomorrow will be different before we fell asleep
We saw the mirage in the desert but we couldn’t grasp it
Praying that we’ll remain in this desert till the end
Praying that this isn’t truly our reality
In the end, we reached the mirage and it became our reality
The scary desert became the ocean with our blood, sweat and tears
But why is there this fear in between the happiness?
Because we know too well that this place is really a desert
I don’t wanna cry
I don’t wanna rest
No, who cares if we rest a little?
No no no
I don’t wanna lose
It’s always a desert
I told you everything
Then I’ll just be more depressedWhere there is hope, there is always hardship
Where there is hope, there is always hardship

Outro: Her (2017)

In order to become the me that you love
In order to become the one that you love
I quit the XX that I liked so much
Just for you
I put on clothes I hate, excessive make up
Because your laughter and happiness is the scale of my happiness
This is how I am, do I deserve your love?
I always make an effort to be the best for you
I hope you don’t know this part of me

Best of Me (2017)

Even though I haven’t seen my limits
But if it exists, It’s probably you
I wanted to be the tender waves
But why didn’t I know you were the sea?

What do I do?
I speak with your language
And I breathe in your air
I’ll be you, I’ll be in your grasp
As I kiss your sword

So take my hand right now
I don’t believe that I’m like this
The words I’ve said to myself a million times
Please, don’t leave me

You got the best of me
You got the best of me
It’s not important if it’s a dream or reality
Only the fact that you’re by my side

Magic Shop (2018)

Like a rose when blooming
Like cherry blossoms when being scattered in the wind
Like morning glory when fading
Like that beautiful moment
I always want to be the best
So I was impatient and always restless
Comparing myself with others became my daily life
My greed that was my weapon suffocated me and also became a leash
But looking back on it now, truthfully
I feel like it’s not true that I wanted to be the best
I wanted to become your comfort and move your heart
I want to take away your sa
dness, and pain

On days where I hate myself for being me, on days where I want to disappear forever
Let’s make a door. It’s in your heart
Open the door and this place will await
Magic Shop

Love Maze (2018)

We ran and ran endlessly
But all the fake noise
Can’t tear us apart
It’s true babyWe must believe only in ourselves
Can’t let go of each other’s hands
We need to be together foreverPeople say
That I’ll end up a fool
But I don’t wanna use my head
I don’t wanna calculate
Love ain’t a business
Rather like a fitness
I’ve never been in a calculating love

I know it’ll be cold like winter
But I still wanna try
If you push me, I’ll fall, just raise me up again
Even if I pull, you don’t have to come
Let them be them
Let us be us
Love is a maze damn
But you is amaze yeah
Take my ay ay hand, don’t let go
Lie ay ay in this maze
My ay ay never lose me
In love maze
Take my ay ay hand, don’t let go
My ay ay come closer
My ay ay never go away
In love maze

Anpanman (2018)

Sometimes I’m afraid of all this
Because I came to have so many things that I love
Some say, you’re almost an old fossil now
You’re not qualified, Just do what you’ve been doing before
But I still want to be a hero
All I can give you is Anpan
And a word, “You’ve worked hard,”
But I’ll fly to you right away if you call me
Please call me
Waiting for you, Anpanman
(Lemme hear ya say, lemme hear ya say)
Waiting for you, Anpanman
(Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up)
I’ll muster up the strength a little more
(Lemme hear ya say, lemme hear ya say)
I’ll be your strength
(Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up)

Intro: Persona (2019)

How you feel? How’re you feeling right now?

Actually I’m real good but a little uncomfortable
I’m still not so sure if I’m a dog or a pig or what else
But then other people come out and put the pearl necklace on me
I laugh more than I did before
I dreamt of becoming a superhero
Now it feels like I really became one

But as it goes on there’s so much blabbering
One says, “Run” another says, “Stop”

This one says, “Look at the forest” that one says, “Look at the wild flower”

Someone like me ain’t good enough for music
Someone like me ain’t good enough for the truth
Someone like me ain’t good enough for a calling
Someone like me ain’t good enough to be a muse

The flaws of mine that I know
Maybe that’s all I’ve got really
The world is actually not interested in my clumsiness at all
The regrets that I don’t even get sick of anymore
I tumble with them every night until I’m disgusted
And twist the irreversible time habitually
There’s something that raised me up again every time
The first question

The three syllables of my name and the word ‘but’ that should come before any of those

Interlude: Shadow (2020)

Ooh, I wondered everyday how far I’d go
I came to my senses and I find myself here
Yeah, hmm, shadow at my feet
Look down, it’s gotten even bigger
I run but the shadow follows, as dark as the light’s intense

I’m afraid, flying high is terrifying
No one told me how lonely it is up here
I can leap in the air but also plunge, now I know
Running away could be an option too, pause
People say, there’s splendor in that bright light
But my growing shadow swallows me and becomes a monster
Up high, high, and higher, higher
I only go higher and vertigo overtakes me
I rise, rise, I hate it
I pray, I pray, hoping to be okay

The moment I’m flying high as I wished
My shadow grows in that blasting stark light
Please don’t let me shine
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me fly
Now I’m afraid
The moment I face myself brought lowest
It so happens that I’m flying the highest
Please don’t let me shine
Don’t let me down
Don’t let me fly
Now I’m scared

Don’t let me shine

ON (2020)

I can’t understand what people are sayin’
Who and what do I need to follow
With each step then again grows the shadow

Where is this place I open my eyes to
Maybe Seoul or New York or Paris
I get up, unsteady on my feet
(Look) Look at my feet, look down
The shadow resembles me
Is it the shadow that’s shaking
Or is it my feet that are trembling

Of course I‘m not unafraid
Of course it’s not all okay

But I know
Awkwardly I flow
I fly together with that black wind
Hey na-na-na
Gotta go insane to stay sane
Hey na-na-na
Throw myself whole into both worlds
Hey na-na-na
Can’t hold me down ‘cuz you know I’m a fighter
Carried myself into this beautiful prison
Find me and I’m gonna live with ya
Bring it, bring the pain, on yeah
Come on up, bring the pain, on yeah
Rain be pourin’
Sky keep fallin’
Everyday oh na-na-na
Bring it, bring the pain, on yeah
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BTS has always participated in the making of their albums which explains why the lyrics and music are so personal to them. As you take a look at their lyrics from 2013 to present day, you can see and feel the psychological growth of the boys.

As their popularity increased, the lyrics began to change and many songs dedicated to their fans were also released. Each song carries a certain worry or thought that the members were feeling at that time. We hope to see more experiences and stories of the boys included in their upcoming album this fall!