BTS’s J-Hope Accidentally Leaked “BE” Track “Dis-Ease” Months Before It Was Released

J-Hope was shocked when he leaked the song!

BTS are the kings of spoilers, as there have been many moments where they accidentally dropped spoilers.

In their recently released album, BE, the track “Dis-Ease” was composed and written by J-Hope, and co-written by RM, Suga, and Jimin. However, the song was accidentally leaked by J-Hope months before it was officially released! 

In June of 2020, J-Hope did a live broadcast in his music studio. During the live broadcast, J-Hope began working on a song. However, he didn’t realize that the audio of the music could be heard by everyone. It got to the point where a staff member had to come and let him know what was happening. After the staff member told him the news, J-Hope turned the volume down and ended the broadcast.

Well, a few months later, and this song got officially released, and it happened to be “Dis-Ease”! After ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) found this out, they couldn’t help but laugh at the whole incident.

Here’s the full audio of “Dis-Ease” below!