BTS’s J-Hope Reveals One Of The Best Things That Happened To Them Once They Achieved Success

BTS has come a long way.

While BTS is currently enjoying great success, they struggled when they debuted. BTS debuted from a rather small company, and they didn’t receive much attention during their early days. During BTS’s guest appearance in tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, J-Hope spoke about one of the best things that happened once BTS achieved success.

BTS’s J-Hope

J-Hope shared that during BTS’s early days, they all shared a room and that it was hard to breathe in the room since there were so many people in it!

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After some time, BTS started gaining popularity, and they were able to move to a new bigger dorm, and they no longer all had to share a room. J-Hope believes that this is “one of the best things” that happened after their debut!

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Here’s the full video below!