BTS J-Hope’s Latest Instagram Post Catches The Attention Of Both ARMYs And Carats, And Now We’re All Imagining The Possibilities

Is this too much to hope for?

The latest happenings on BTS J-Hope‘s Instagram account has had fans of both BTS and SEVENTEEN super excited.

J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

On December 27, J-Hope posted some pictures of a decorative ornament in the shape of a tiger’s head that he had put on his door. The tiger had been given a little Christmas tree headdress on the ornament to celebrate the holidays, and J-hope took some cute mirror selfies with it which uploaded to Instagram. Intriguingly, he captioned the post “HoRanghae🐯,” which fans, particularly those who also follow SEVENTEEN, immediately recognized as Hoshi‘s iconic phrase.

The word is a cross between the Korean word for ‘tiger’ and ‘I love you,’ and it has come to be uniquely associated with SEVENTEEN’s dancing king Hoshi. The fact that J-Hope used it in his caption has fans feeling soft about the friendship between the two, but also incredibly excited about the idea of a potential dance collaboration. After all, both Hoshi and J-Hope are known as some of the best dancers in K-Pop, so a collaboration between the two would definitely be something to witness.

The cherry on top was that fans woke up to see that Hoshi himself had actually liked the post, giving rise to even more excitement over the sweet Instagram interaction and over the possibility of these two world-class dancers sharing the stage one day.

While no news regarding such a collaboration has been officially shared, it will continue to be something that fans of both groups look forward to seeing one day, as the friendship that J-Hope and Hoshi share could only make for an even better stage in addition to their already impressive talents.