J-Hope Reveals The Story Behind His Shirtless Airport Fashion

This is why his outfit became extra sexy that day.

BTS‘s J-Hope made headlines when he stepped off a plane this summer, and now he’s revealing the whole story behind his hottest airport fashion yet.


On August 19, J-Hope left Korea for Los Angeles wearing a baggy, black sweatshirt…


…and on August 23, he came back with a totally different (aka shirtless) style! J-Hope’s denim jacket had only two buttons holding down the fort, leaving a whole lot of his chest exposed.


It turns out, J-Hope wasn’t aware of his outfit’s impact until after he saw fans’ reactions.


On September 27, fans asked J-Hope to tell them the story behind his “sensational” fashion choice, during a live broadcast.


First, J-Hope acknowledged the outfit’s effect on ARMY.


Then he explained why he’d accidentally exposed more than his intended amount of skin. It turns out, his bag was to blame!


He said he was embarrassed, but he laughed it off…


…and asked fans if his outfit had surprised them.


Surprised? Attacked? Whatever you want to call it, ARMY went through a whole lot of feelings that day, but nobody’s complaining!