BTS’s J-Hope Accidentally Freaked Fans Out, Now We’re Screaming

He did something that shocked fans in the best way.

J-Hope unwittingly gave some BTS fans a fright, and now we don’t know whether to laugh or scream!


J-Hope is known for being playful, enthusiastic, and totally unpredictable. There’s no telling what whacky thing he’ll do next, and he proved it again on Run BTS!. 


In Episode 66, BTS played a game that involved comic books. The members took their time browsing mangas and manhwas for the perfect book, not knowing how the game would be played.


It ended up being a game of chance that involved randomly opening to a page in book. The member took turns playing against the staff. Whoever opened to a page that had less characters on it won the round.


During the game, J-Hope suddenly imitated one of the characters by doing this:


His expression completely startled fans…


…and some weren’t sure whether J-Hope was glitching or possessed!


With J-Hope, there’s never a dull moment!