BTS’s Staff “Tricked” J-Hope During A Concert, And He Has The Most Adorable Reaction

It’s not the only time they’ve done it, either!

BTS has long seemed to have a close and affectionate relationship with their staff members, and a recent resurfaced clip shows just that!

BTS with staff members

During one of their concerts during theΒ Permission To Dance On Stage tour, the members climbed aboard a large moveable cart during their “Telepathy” performance.

BTS performing “Telepathy” during Permission To Dance On Stage concert

One of the staff members apparently told J-Hope to press on the “accelerator” to make the set piece move, and sure enough, it did just that!

J-Hope (BTS)

The look on J-Hope’s face when they started moving was adorable, and it was made even funnier when it was revealed that one of the staff members was behind the cart moving it manually πŸ˜‚

J-Hope (BTS)

You can watch the clip here!

Fans were sharing in the comments on the post how it reminded them of another similar incident that staff tricked BTS’s members during a concert πŸ˜‚

Here’s how fans are reacting to the resurfaced clip on Twitter!

We love reliving cute BTS memories like this!