Everyone Is Marveling At BTS J-Hope’s Sudden Disappearing Act At 2018 MAMA Japan

“Our fashion king slays even in invisible outfits.”

The members of BTS are used to standing out in a crowd but this time around J-Hope is gaining some major attention for seemingly disappearing right before everyone’s eyes!


On December 12, BTS attended 2018 MAMA Fans’ Choice in Japan. While they stunned everyone with their unique fashion…


And amazing performances…


It was J-Hope’s disappearing act that really stole the spotlight! At the end of the night when BTS received awards for Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10, Favorite Music Video for “IDOL”, Favorite Male Dance Artist, and Worldwide Icon of the Year, the members took to the stage to receive the awards and deliver their thanks.


But fans soon noticed that the camera caught J-Hope in full on invisibility mode!


While J-Hope looked stylish as ever in his matching black shirt and pants with adorable bee embroidery…


When the camera caught him, his black outfit blended right into the background and the embroidery on his outfit looked just like fans’ lightsticks!


As a result, it looks like J-Hope straight up disappeared on stage!


On top of that, he would only make a reappearance when another member was standing behind him!


Since fans first noticed the intriguing optical illusion they’ve been loving it and have even been saying he borrowed Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak for the night!


And absolutely no one can get over how cute the moment and J-Hope’s style truly were.