Once You See BTS J-Hope’s True Look-Alike, You Can Never Unsee It

Did you realize this yet?

BTS‘s J-Hope is a visual king! However, he’s actually not “one-of-a-kind.”

Some fans have noticed he has a true look-alike that completely resembles him, but not many know about it.

The resemblance can only be seen when he rocks one of his signature beanies that gives his head the cutest shape.

Even the other members agreed that J-Hope has a twin! So, are you ready for it?

One time on their way to the airport, Jimin and J-Hope decided to do some filming. However, in his current outfit, Jimin let his hyung know that he perfectly resembles an iconic piece of candy: Hershey’s Kisses!

There’s this chocolate…

Hershey’s chocolate?


Undeniably, the delicious chocolate candy looks just like J-Hope in a beanie!

As a bonus, they’re just as sweet and addicting as J-Hope…

…no matter what kind of chocolate lies beneath!

It’s red chocolate!

— J-Hope

The fun doesn’t stop there! ARMYs worked their editing magic to transform J-Hope into a Hershey’s Kiss and the results are the cutest!

Check out more of their edits below!

| @thehobiprint/Twitter
| @thehobiprint/Twitter
| @thehobiprint/Twitter

How cute!