BTS’s J-Hope Was Terrified Before His Lollapalooza Performance But ARMYs Didn’t Let Him Down

Jimin also offered some words of comfort.

BTS‘s J-Hope released a vlog on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, which showed his planning and many practices for his iconic 2022 Lollapalooza performance in Chicago.


The video also included some interesting insights into J-Hope’s true character, like how he generously visited his junior group TXT‘s stage with Jimin despite being extremely busy.

BTS’s J-Hope and Jimin with TXT | BANGTANTV/YouTube

J-Hope was also candid about how stressed and anxious he felt about his appearance at the festival. On the day of his performance, while getting his hair and makeup done, J-Hope expressed a huge fear: what if there were empty seats or no one attended his concert?

Like a true professional, he brushed off his doubts and reminded himself that none of his worries mattered anymore. “I just need to do my thing,” J-Hope said.

Jimin, who kindly went to Lollapalooza to support his hyung (the word Korean men use to refer to older men), reassured J-Hope by saying he would be fine after the first 3 songs.

All doubts were put to rest even before he went onstage since the roar of ARMYs, BTS’s official fandom, could be heard even before he made an appearance!

The concert was a huge success. There were even fans who waved to J-Hope as he departed the festival.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes of J-Hope’s Lollapalooza performance below. He talks about his worries with Jimin at the 14:49 mark.