BTS’s Jimin Once Cheated On National Television…And Got Away With It

Little did Jimin know, the camera caught him sneakily cheating! 😂

BTS is once again making the rounds on U.S. television, with the latest being Stephen Colbert‘s The Late Show to promote “Butter.” But we can’t forget the time they made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote their album Map Of The Soul: 7, and Jimin showed just how sneaky he is when it comes to winning.


The boys did a special segment on a New York subway with Jimmy Fallon to talk about their album and play some games. They engaged in a fun little competition that Jimmy dubbed the “Subway Olympics,” and Jimin made a name for himself through a little cheating.

| The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

One of the events was the “Post-It Challenge,” where the members split into two teams and competed to see how many post-it notes they could stick on Jin or Jungkook in a certain time limit.

The game progressed smoothly, until the timer went off signaling the end of the game. While Jimmy went to count the amount of post-its stuck on Jin, Jimin could be seen secretly sticking more on Jungkook. While Jimmy and the opposing team didn’t catch on, the camera caught it all.

J-Hope clearly tried to stop him from continuing to cheat, but to no avail. Once Jimin is set on something, he’s going to follow through. Jimin’s team ended up winning by four post-it notes, three of which were illegally stuck on after the timer. We’ll turn a blind eye to your antics this time, Jimin!

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