BTS’s Jimin Dropped A Surprise For Jungkook On His Birthday And We’re Crying

Jimin visited him straight from Paris.

BTS’s maknae Jungkook celebrated his 23rd birthday on September 1. And while big time celebrities made sure to greet him publicly, it was the private message that Jimin gave him that’s making ARMYs all over cry.

The caption from Jimin reads, “Kookie-ah Happy birthday to you. It’s good to see you after I didn’t see you for a couple of days.” Fans immediately went investigative-mode and realized that Jimin may have flown over from Paris just to surprise his maknae.

They believe Jimin may have hidden his tracks to make sure Jungkook thought he was really out of the country.

Some fans claimed that the toy hidden behind the Jungkook was given by Jimin.

The two definitely tried to one-up each other in terms of birthday gifts.

We hope Jungkook had the best birthday celebration!