BTS’s Jimin Was In Distress, But Jungkook Gave Zero F*cks

Jungkook showed everyone exactly what his priorities are.

If you’re in trouble, will your friends rescue you?

If Jimin were to ask Jungkook that question, his answer would probably be yes…unless games are involved.

When BTS‘s ultra-competitive Golden Maknae plays games, things like friendship and loyalty mean nothing. He proved this yet again in a Behind Scene for Run BTS!. 

In Episode 79, BTS played a 007 treasure hunting game at Lotte Duty Free. They had to collect cards to win hearts from the Game Master, but even though Jimin tried his best, things just didn’t go his way.

He kept losing to the Game Master over, and over again!

After losing three times in a row, Jimin screamed at the top of his lungs and sprawled out like a tantrumming toddler. His scream could be heard all through Lotte Duty Free. When Jungkook heard it, did he run over to see what was the matter?

Heck no. He had other priorities! Jungkook glanced in the scream’s direction, then went back to playing with this light stick.

Somehow, we’re not surprised!