BTS Once Revealed What Makes Jimin Extremely Unhappy

The members try to leave Jimin alone when this happens.

BTS‘s Jimin is an angel, and his kind personality has been on display many times.

BTS Jimin’s kind message to RM 

While Jimin is usually happy, the BTS members once revealed the one thing that makes Jimin extremely unhappy.

BTS’s Jimin

During a fansign, J-Hope shared that Jimin gets upset when he doesn’t think he sang well during a performance. Jimin, who is a perfectionist, usually is quite harsh on himself when it comes to performing.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube

The members agreed with J-Hope’s statement and said that they usually don’t bother Jimin when this happens.

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According to V, Jimin usually turns his back when he gets upset at his singing.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube

While the members will sometimes try to cheer Jimin up when this happens, he usually sighs and still feels upset.

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The members concluded by giving a positive message to Jimin, as they told him that he always looks cool and that he shouldn’t be so hard on himself.

| Yoonki Min/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!