BTS’s Jimin And NCT’s Taeyong Rocked The Same Shirt But Served Totally Different Vibes

These kings both wore it best!

BTS‘s Jimin and NCT‘s Taeyong are both super fashionable and talented!

BTS’s Jimin | @parkjiminpics/Twitter
BTS’s Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Both of these kings rocked the same Givenchy shirt recently. The shirt is called the  Oversized T-Shirt With Tag Effect Dog Prints, and it costs $600 USD.

| Givenchy

Jimin wore the shirt during a performance of “My Universe” with Coldplay at the American Music Awards in November 2021.

| Coldplay/YouTube

Here’s a closer look at Jimin’s outfit.

| @dispatch_style/Instagram

Jimin wore the shirt over a long-sleeve T-shirt, and he finished his look off with black pants and boots. He accessorized with rings, a gray bandana, earrings, and a necklace that matched some of the other members’ necklaces.

| @coldplay/Instagram

Jimin served cool and grungy vibes. His look fit the sort of dystopian theme of the “My Universe” video, which made it perfect for a performance of the song!

| Coldplay/YouTube

As always, Jimin served major looks!

Taeyong wore the same shirt, but he wore it in a different color. Jimin wore the shirt in midnight blue, and Taeyong wore it in red.

| Givenchy

Taeyong wore the Oversized T-Shirt With Tag Effect Dog Prints during a performance of “Zoo” during the SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concert on New Year’s Day. He performed the song with fellow NCT members Jeno, Hendery, and YangYang and aespa‘s Giselle.

| Bara Syj/YouTube

Taeyong wore the t-shirt over khaki pants, and he wore red sneakers that matched his shirt. He finished off his look with yellow sunglasses, a chain, and gloves.

Here’s a closer look.

| @dispatch_style/Instagram

Taeyong served major hip-hop vibes in this look! By choosing to wear the shirt in red instead of midnight blue, he was able to add a major splash of color to his look that fit the vibe of “Zoo” and more closely matched what the other members of the “Zoo” subunit were wearing.

He added an extra splash of color with his yellow shades, and his gloves added a more experimental, neo culture flair to the look.

Jimin’s outfit perfectly fit the pop-rock, dystopian vibes of “My Universe,” and Taeyong’s outfit perfectly fit the hip-hop vibes of “Zoo.” Both of them looked amazing in their Givenchy tees!

Same Fit, Different Vibes