BTS’s Jimin Was The Perfect Partner In Crime For V’s Plan

V should’ve known he could depend on him.

BTS‘s V and Jimin are a duo that’s hard to beat when it comes to how well the 95-liners get along.


In a clip from Bon Voyage, they gave a perfect example of their close friendship by silently agreeing on a plan and sticking with it.

As soon as V heard the rest of the members coming back, he couldn’t let them ruin his plan. He jumped off the couch and started to prepare.

He ran between the kitchen and dining areas, moving toward the spot that would work best as a hiding place. Deciding on the end of the long kitchen counter, he crouched down and waited for the members to trickle in.

With RM unpacking their groceries, V moved to the side of the counter, thinking it would be a better hiding place. It worked until Jimin noticed him crouching right there. Instead of doing what most people would do, Jimin did what a true partner in crime would.

He realized V’s plan and silently decided he would play along. Jimin slowly turned away, pretending as if he hadn’t seen a thing. When J-Hope noticed his change in demeanor, he asked what was going on. Jimin turned away from him, hiding a smile as he said it was nothing at all.


When you’re doing something secretly, like V, everyone needs a Jimin to keep it that way, even if they hadn’t known about it beforehand. Watch Jimin stand by V and keep his shenanigans a secret here.