Jimin Reveals Why There Are Absolutely No Malicious Gossip Being Spread About BTS

Jimin explained why he makes so much effort to separate himself from malicious rumors.

BTS recently held a global press conference commemorating the release of their new album, “Map of the Soul: Persona”, where they were asked how they manage to separate from malicious gossip.

In response, Suga answered, “We implemented a strict rule on being careful at the beginning of our debut.

Suga continued and explained, “We’ve talked a lot about how to produce music in an honorable way. After talking so much about how we should live on as people and singers, we ended up making an indirect promise as a result.

Jimin jumped in and added, “We didn’t directly make any promises. It was the atmosphere we created for ourselves. We tell each other that no matter what happens, we’re on each other’s side and that we won’t say anything hurtful.

Jimin wrapped up his thoughts on the matter by sharing, “Because I have members by my side who say these things, I naturally want to do better and be more careful. It’s possible that that’s why we try so hard to manage our own behavior so strictly as if we made some kind of promise.

Source: Insight