BTS’s Jimin Has Found Running To Be A Great Way To Clear His Mind

We’re glad that he has found something that he truly enjoys!

With BTS being in the public eye at such a young age, it may seem like all glitz and glamour, but it also makes it harder for for them to enjoy and share their success to others. Jimin revealed to Vogue that it is hard to open up to friends other than the BTS members. “I often feel pretentious, and I don’t like it. It’s nice to be able to be completely honest when talking to the other members”.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jimin had a lot more time to reflect and think about what his preferences were and who he was as a person. He also discovered that he was in fact, a lazy person! “Taking a shower feels like such a chore, so I take off one layer of clothing and walk around for half and hour before shedding another layer”.

Aside from music and fame, he realized that he didn’t have any hobbies after leaving the stage. He revealed that he started working out every day and running, and that it has now become part of his routine to help him destress.

Instead, I work out every day and meet friends, and I’m content with that. I started running, and at first I felt like I was dying after 2.5km. But now I can run as far as 8km. The reason I got into running was that the sound of the breeze silenced my inner voice. I used to hate being alone because there were too many thoughts going around in my head, and it scared me, but now I feel I need time alone. Running helps clear my mind.

— Jimin

We’re glad to see that Jimin has found a hobby that he enjoys!

Source: vogue