BTS’s Jin Wasn’t Having It When An ARMY Tried To Jinx His Maple Story Game

Everyone knows Jin takes his Maple Story very seriously.

If there’s anything that BTS‘s Jin loves to do, it’s playing Maple Story. When an ARMY left a comment about it on Weverse, he couldn’t resist responding.


An ARMY uploaded photos to a post explaining how cute Jin looked when frustrated by his gameplay.

Since they wanted to see more of Jin’s cute reactions to losing, they wrote, “I hope Maple Story never works out the way he wants it to…” When Jin spotted the post, he couldn’t help but give his two cents.

Seeing that the ARMY didn’t want him to succeed, he asked if they had been the reason he’d had bad luck in the game:

Were you the reason my item blew up?

Jin’s dedication to Maple Story is so strong that even ARMYs can’t break it. His newfound suspicion of them for his losses makes the whole situation even funnier.