BTS’s Jin Confesses That Even He Doesn’t Know Everything About “Butter”

The other members burst with laughter!

BTS can be quite forgetful when it comes to their music, which was the case for Jin in a recent live broadcast!

BTS’s Jin

In the live broadcast, Jin had to rap Suga‘s part from their record-breaking song, “Butter.” Jin, however, didn’t know the lyrics for Suga’s part in the song!

The members laughed and said that there was “no way” that Jin didn’t know Suga’s part in “Butter.”

The members tried to give Jin some hints, but he just mumbled and ended by saying, “Rock star,” which isn’t ever used in the song! The members laughed and teased Jin!

Jin defended himself, saying that he doesn’t know the other members’ parts since the song is in English.

Jin tried to rap Suga’s part again, but he once again struggled!

The other members burst with laughter after Jin’s second attempt.

Jin is one honest person!

Here’s the “Butter” music video below!

Source: Naver Live