Jin Fell On Stage At BTS’s Seoul Muster Then Recovered Like A Boss

He didn’t let a wipeout ruin his fun at Muster.

From the way he acts, to what he says, to how he dresses, BTS‘s Jin is one of a kind. He proved that all over again at Muster!


On June 22 and 23, BTS held their 5th Muster at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena. This global fan event gave fans many new memories, such as flustering JinRM accidentally soaking Suga, Jin pranking everybody, Jimin throwing the cutest punches ever, and J-Hope getting a little too sexy.


As always, Jin’s hilarious antics stole the show during “Spinebreaker”. He wore multiple pairs of sunglasses while busting out his best back-snapping moves.


At one point, Jin got too wild and wiped out, but gravity couldn’t hold him down long.


After RM checked up on him, Jin danced more chaotically than ever.


So chaotically, in fact, that he lost his sunglasses and nearly fell again!


Jin didn’t seem hurt during “Spinebreaker”, but some fans worry that the fall eventually caught up with him. After “Spinebreaker”, BTS performed “Pied Piper” and Jin appeared to wince now and then.


ARMY loves Jin’s diehard commitment to putting on a great show, but they also hope he’ll be careful not to get too crazy on stage. As always, safety comes first!