BTS’s Jin Ghosted J-Hope In The Most Jin-Like Way Possible

Jin wanted to vanish from Hope World after doing this.

BTS‘s Jin is so full of confidence that he rarely embarrasses himself, but he recently did something that made him want to disappear.


On February 18, J-Hope celebrated another birthday with BTS and fans. In his live, his members appeared with a cake and a birthday song, but that wasn’t the first attempt Jin had made to celebrate J-Hope Day.


On February 20, two days after his birthday, J-Hope shared two hilarious messages from Jin.


The first is a handwritten note that reads, “Ah. J-Hope I said Happy Birthday! The beauty of empty space.”


Jin’s funny note may be in response to this chat message between him and J-Hope. In it, Jin accidentally wished J-Hope a happy birthday. When J-Hope revealed the mistake, Jin jokingly said that he wanted to “dive” ( 잠수) or “submerge” himself, meaning that he wanted to disappear out of embarrassment!


Life with Jin is certainly never boring!