BTS’s Jin Pokes Fun At J-Hope’s Sexy Airport Style

This is what Jin had to say about it.

Look out! The fashion police have sent their top officer to the scene: BTS‘s Jin.


On August 23, BTS‘s J-Hope returned to Korea from his “important business” in Los Angeles, dressed to impress. He wore an unbuttoned denim shirt, shorts, sandals, and a bucket hat over his new hair.


This outfit is quickly rising to the top of ARMY‘s airport looks list, and it’s not hard to see why.


Some fans think J-Hope’s look was inspired by California styles, but Jin suggested a different influence. When an ARMY posted this on Weverse…

Hobi-ssi, please be merciful to my heart.

— Fan


Jin replied with this!

kekekeke J-Hope (must have) had a glass of wine.

— Jin


Check out more photos of J-Hope’s airport look here.

J-Hope Arrives Back In Korea, Dressed In His Hottest Airport Fashion Ever