BTS Totally Forgot It Was Lunar New Year Until Jin Received a Game Event Notification

This guy.

BTS‘s Jin gained a lot of attention over the Lunar New Year holidays after he confessed that some of BTS forgot it was Lunar New Year until he saw a notification for a game event.

Ahead of this incident, BTS took to Weverse to reveal that they were unable to spend the holidays with their family.

Because of our work schedule, we can’t spend this year’s Lunar New Year with our family.



BTS then proceeded to wish ARMYs a happy Lunar New Year.

Happy New Year, ARMY. I hope you have a happy year.


But what gained the attention of many fans was Jin’s comment on the post confessing that he forgot it was Lunar New Year.

I found out it was Lunar New Year because of a Lunar New Year event notification on my game.

– Jin


He even added that some of the other members didn’t know it was Lunar New Year either, adding to the hilarity.

To be honest, a few of our members didn’t even know it was Lunar New Year.

– Jin

In BTS, Jin is known to be a game mania, so much that he even brings around his gaming equipment on all of his schedules.

Fans who know this aren’t even surprised about how Jin found out about Lunar New Year.

But the fact that they forgot about Lunar New Year in the first place suggests that the worldwide idols are working very hard in the midst of their very busy schedules.

In any case, fans are responding to Jin’s reveal with comments such as “He’s such a gamer“, “Aw, so cute!“, and “He’s so passionate about games”.

Source: Insight