Even BTS’s King Of Confidence, Jin, Gets Nervous Sometimes

No one would have guessed he was nervous during this historic performance.

BTS‘s Worldwide Handsome Jin is handsome, talented, intelligent, and handsome. (Did we mention handsome?) It’s no wonder why his confidence is sky-high, but even confident kings can get shook!

Jin has performed solo songs, including “Awake” of “Epiphany”, at BTS’s concerts, but 2019 Melon Music Awards (MMA) was the first time he went solo for an award show.

During Jin’s “Danger” stage, he exuded all the power of a Greek god…

…but behind this self-assured persona…

…was one very nervous mortal man!

In a newly released behind the scenes video, Jin reveals that he was nervous about his solo stage.

It made him really admire the members who have done many solo stages.

Jin was worried and hopeful about how his prerecording would turn out in the end…

…but it was an absolute success!

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